More Forgiveness


This past weekend I heard a wonderful TV sermon on forgiveness. I have been struggling with a certain person and situation for about 15 years and had no desire to forgive him because he continually hurt me emotionally. Praise God, at the end of the program I was able to raise my hands, ask God for forgiveness and then to forgive those I felt had hurt me. The lifting of the burden was instantaneous and I am at such peace. My question is: Do I need to get in touch with the people I have forgiven or is that forgiveness between me and God?

Thank you for your insight and God Bless you for your wonderful teaching!


It’s amazing the burdens we carry because of our refusal to forgive others. God will bless you for finally giving this burden to Him.

You forgave people who hurt you.  Unless the Holy Spirit is saying you have to tell them you have forgiven them in order to make your forgiveness complete, there is no need to do so.  It’s between you and the Lord.