More On Children In The Rapture


I’ve read in several of your answers that you believe all children under the age of accountability will be taken during the rapture,even the children of non Christian parents. And I think that is wonderful as the more that can escape the tribulation the better. My question is simply this, that if the children of the wicked were left to die with their parents during Noah’s flood and at Sodom/Gomorrah. Why would the children of non Christians be taken at the rapture? Is there scripture that leads you to believe this? Thank you for a magnificent and informative site, I admire your work and dedication very much.


There were several differences between those judgments and the rapture. For example, the judgments of the flood and Sodom were relatively quick, and the children were with their parents until the time of death then immediately taken to paradise. But in the End Times we’re talking about 7 years of suffering and deprivation which could result in untold thousands of children being orphaned for an extended period of time, many dying slow and painful deaths through no fault of their own.

As for what the Bible says, in Romans 7:9 Paul said he had eternal life until he reached the age of accountability. That means children aren’t accountable for any of their sins. Jesus said we have to become like little children to enter His kingdom, (Matt. 18:3) in other words not accountable for our sins. We can avoid accountability for them if we accept His death as payment in full. If through our belief in the Lord we can become like little children already are, how could a just God leave them behind when we go?