More On Guardian Angels


I’ve read where you say children are protected by personal guardian angels, and I’m sure you are right. But that brings a question to mind and maybe the answer is so obvious that I can’t see it. If children have guardian angels why are so many in hospitals with cancer and other horrible diseases, why are so many abused and killed by strangers and many times their own parents or fall into the hands of pedophiles? Why are some born with terrible birth defects? I would think a guardian angel would prevent all this and each child would at least have a good start in life. I hope this is not a silly question and you will be able to shed some light on it for me.


I don’t believe I’ve ever written about angels being assigned to protect children from danger or disease, although I’ve heard a number of credible accounts of that very thing happening. In Matt. 18: 1-14 where the concept of guardian angels originates, the Lord wasn’t speaking of angels protecting children from harm. He was warning adults that angels who are assigned to watch these children report directly to Him. We shouldn’t regard them as less important than adults in God’s eyes, because He’ll hold us accountable for the way we treat them. Adults who lead them astray will be judged severely. I have used this passage, along with Romans 7:9, in support of my belief that all children belong to God, regardless of their parents’ spiritual condition.