More On Jews Rejecting Jesus


I Read your article on Why the Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. I feel one of the important reasons is because God has hardened their hearts and second is if you look at who is rejecting Christ, is it not the same crowd who were present 2000 years ago??? The Rabbis, Saducees & Pharisees. Ordinary Jewish people are accepting Jesus by the hundreds of thousands.


Remember, in the article I was only responding to reasons given on a Jewish anti-missionary site for the Jewish rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. Jewish people don’t believe their rejection of Him is caused by God hardening their hearts, and that’s why I didn’t mention it.

By the way, the current worldwide Jewish population is about 14 million with about 350 thousand being believers in Jesus. So there are still a great many more who reject Him than who have accepted Him.