More On Judging The Church


I have a question about our judgment before the Millennium. When we get raptured we receive our immortal body which is already the gift of eternal life as I understand it. What will we then be judged on at his second coming? And what other gifts will we receive at this time? Is this possibly the time we will get assigned to our position/level in Heaven and the gift we receive will determine our position?


The only “judgment” church Age believers will receive is after the rapture, the so-called Bema Seat judgment, where our works as believers will be judged to see if we qualify for rewards. Things done at the Lord’s request and in His strength will be pronounced “good” and will be rewarded while those done on our own initiative and in our own strength will be pronounced “bad” and will be disqualified (1 Cor. 3:10-15, 2 Cor. 5:10).

Other than speaking of crowns, the Bible offers no specifics as to what those rewards will be, nor is any kind of hierarchy or position assignment revealed. There is no additional judgment for the Church at the 2nd Coming, or at any other time.