More On Praying For Israel


Every day I grow sicker and sicker to my stomach when I read how the US is turning against Israel. I hate the thought of being included in that betrayal. I am only one person and feel so powerless to support the nation of God’s chosen people. I pray for them, but is there anything we can do to support them any other way?


Psalm 122:6 commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. From the study of prophecy we know that when we do this we’re praying for the Lord to return. Only He can end Israel’s warfare and restore His people. After over 60 years of trying to establish a lasting peace in the Middle East by human effort, mankind still hasn’t learned that this is beyond our capability. However, all things are possible with God and He has promised to do this. Who knows what could have happened by now if man had spent the same time, energy, and resources praying as we have fighting, coercing and manipulating. Praying is the best thing we can do because it’s only thing that will work.