More On Predestination


I have thought long and hard about the ‘predestination’ argument and I think that ‘pre’ meaning before, and ‘destination’ meaning ‘the end of the journey’ simply tells us that those of us He foreknew would reach our destination, previously prepared for us. Does this fit with the Greek of which I know nothing?


You have the right idea. The Greek word translated predestine in Romans 8:29 means to determine beforehand. It can be compared to making a reservation at a restaurant. By calling on Tuesday to make a reservation for Saturday you are predestined to be there, having determined beforehand that you’re going. The restaurant will be expecting you when you arrive. Add a few thousand years to the equation and that’s what God has done. The difference is that because of His foreknowledge, God knew you were going to need a place in His Kingdom long before you did so He made the reservation for you.