More On Psalm 110


I just watched (a well known author’s) program talking about Psalm 110. Are you familiar with his Prophecy in the Psalms ideas? He gives a strong feeling about reading Psalm 110 as a prophecy concerning the rapture. I re-read your last two articles concerning 2010 and you didn’t mention Psalm 110 in either one.
Do you have any thoughts about Psalm 110 being prophetic?


I’m not comfortable with this interpretation of Psalm 110. The first 4 verses are a personal discussion between the Father and the Son, and are not directed toward anyone else, even by extension. We know that today Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, and the writer of Hebrews used this psalm to support his claim of a new priesthood for Him (Hebrews 7).

Verses 5-7 speak of the Great Tribulation judgments, and are meant for Israel, not the Church. Most commentators, myself included, see Psalm 110 as prophetic, but as a reference to Daniel’s 70th Week and the Kingdom Age. Having just re-read it, I still don’t see any clear hints of the Rapture.