More On Psalm 83


Jordan is the only nation on the Ps 83 list that is not in a current hostile relationship (officially) with Israel. So, if Jordan were to turn against Israel and break their peace treaty with them and join in a war against Israel with those other nations, we would have a fulfillment of Ps 83 literally. Is that correct?


King Abdullah II of Jordan has publicly stated that he thinks Jordan’s treaty with Israel is a mistake. He has clearly been more critical of Israel lately, lobbying the US, Egypt, and others against the Jews. Some observers believe he’s looking for a way to break the treaty. If hostilities break out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him supporting the attackers in some way, as Psalm 83 indicates.

Something has to change where Jordan is concerned for the believing remnant of Israel to find refuge in Petra (southern Jordan) during the Great Tribulation, as Isaiah 63:1-6 and Rev. 12:13-14 reveal. But it doesn’t appear Jordan will cease to exist, because Daniel 11:41 says the Anti-Christ will not be able to over power Edom, Moab, and the leaders of Ammon during the Great Tribulation.