More On Revival Before Rapture


I love your website. Very clear teaching. I am looking forward to being raptured but I also have a longing to be used of the Lord in healing and deliverance to see our Lord glorified and many people added to the Church. I’ve read and heard prophecies from authors and speakers about a great revival before the bride goes up in the rapture. What are your views about this?


When someone gives a prophecy that disagrees with the Bible, we’re supposed to believe the Bible. It doesn’t speak of a last days revival before the rapture. It says in the last days many who previously appeared to be part of the church will fall away (2 Thes, 2:3).

Some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits (1 Tim. 4:1) while others will have only a form of godliness but will deny its power (2 Tim. 3:1-5). They will not put up with sound doctrine and will turn their ears away from the Truth to follow myths (2 Tim. 4:3-4). What remains of the true Church will have little strength (Rev. 3:8). These prophecies have been coming true right before our eyes in the Western Church (Europe and the US) for years now.

There does seem to be a great move of the Holy Spirit in places where the gospel has not made inroads in the past. We hear reports out of Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and other places to confirm this.

Revival means bringing new life to something that’s has been dying, so what’s happening in the East technically isn’t a revival. I believe God is issuing a supernatural “last call” around the world before He takes the Church home in the rapture.