More On The Day And Hour


Basically, I know the scriptures say no one “knows the day or hour” of Jesus’ second coming, to conquer the armies of the world and set up his kingdom. I have always thought that this only applies to those of us alive before Daniel’s 70th week starts. TODAY we don’t know, but those who are alive during Daniel’s 70th week, and understand the scriptures, only have to count the 2520 days to it’s end, and during the day immediately after it, they will see Jesus and his armies coming in the clouds with great glory.

The verse I would like you to comment on, which is one verse that seems to help support this view is Rev.19:19.
“And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, GATHERED TOGETHER TO MAKE WAR AGAINST HIM that sat on the horse, and against his army.”
Since the beast and the others, are there at the right time (i.e. the correct day) to fight against Jesus, they must or will have some kind of idea when Jesus will show up.


I know this is confusing, but if you stop to think, it has to be. Otherwise we could figure it out and we would know the day and hour. Remember, in His Olivet Discourse parables Jesus was speaking to the people on Earth at the time of His coming. He said in effect, “You will not know the day or hour.” It’s not that we won’t understand but they will, it’s that they won’t know the day or hour. Whether they’re gathered to do battle or not doesn’t really matter.

The only place where the word immediately is used is in Matt. 24:29 where it says the sun and moon will go dark immediately after the end of the Great Tribulation. Verse 30 begins with the phrase “at that time” or “then”, not “on that day”. Zechariah 14:6-7 says the Lord will come on a day without light, but is it the first day without light? Or will the armies of the world be left sitting in the dark for some unknown length of time, seeing only the Lord’s sign in the blackened sky, before they’re summarily defeated by the word of His mouth? No one knows. The point is that man can count the days till the end of the Great Tribulation, but not to the 2nd Coming.