More On The Elect


In Matt. 24:22 Jesus said He would bring the Great Tribulation to a close for the sake of the elect. Then in Matt. 24:31 He spoke of gathering His elect from Heaven at the time of the 2nd Coming. And in Mark 13:27 He said his elect would be both in Heaven and on Earth. I am so confused! How can the Elect be in Heaven and on Earth at the same time?


The Lord’s elect can be found in heaven and on Earth at the same time because the word “elect” doesn’t only apply to the Church. The word elect means chosen and is used 4 times in the Old Testament in reference to Israel. Israel is well known as God’s chosen people (His elect).

The Olivet Discourse is about Israel during Daniel’s 70th Week and neither Matt. 24 nor Mark 13 mention the Church at all. Therefore, in the strictest sense I think the elect in heaven are Jews who died in faith and are awaiting their resurrection, which will happen at the time of the 2nd Coming (Daniel 12:2-3). The elect on Earth are believing Jews who will survive the Great Tribulation and will still be alive when the Lord returns.