More On The Wave Offering


I had a friend ask me today what was the “wave offering”. I had to tell her that I have never heard of it. Would you please give me some insight on this topic. Appreciate your ministry in helping us to gain a greater knowledge of God’s Word.


On the morning of the Feast of First Fruits, the workers brought a sheaf of the first grain they harvested to the priest in the Temple who waved it before the Lord to make the harvest acceptable to Him (Leviticus 23: 9-11). It came to be known as the wave offering. I believe the people who came to life at the time of the Lord’s death and were seen in Jerusalem after His resurrection were the prophetic fulfillment of the wave offering (Matt. 27:52-53). They were the proof that the Lord’s death was sufficient for our sins and therefore the resurrection of the saved was acceptable to the Lord.