More On Tribulation Martyrs


I have a question concerning the answer from the question regarding tribulation saints. Since the Tribulation Saints will appear in heaven before the Great Tribulation, does this mean there will be no more tribulation believers martyred during the Great Tribulation? Or, if there are, when will they be resurrected and where will they go? Will they also appear in heaven at the end of that period or go into the millennium?


Martyrs are mentioned in Rev. 6 and Rev. 7, but that’s not all there are. In Rev. 13:15 we see that everyone who refuses to worship the beast will also be killed. All Tribulation martyrs will be resurrected at the time of the 2nd Coming (Rev. 20:4). In Rev. 7:15 we learned that some will serve God in His Temple but are not called priests. In Rev. 20:4 we read that others will participate in the Lord’s millennial reign, but are not called Kings. To me this means that they will participate at some level subordinate to the Church, who are called both Kings and Priests.