More On When Did The Old Testament End?


A friend asked me where in the Bible (verse) is it mentioned that this is the end of the Old testament and this is the beginning of the new testament, and also where it is mentioned that this is the end of the old covenant and the beginning of the new one?


In Matt. 11:14 Jesus said all the Law and Prophets prophesied until John. The phrase Law and Prophets was a popular reference to what we call the Old Testament, and the Lord was speaking of John the Baptist. By saying this He was identifying John as the last of the Old Testament prophets. John called himself a friend of the bride groom (John 3:29), which indicates he didn’t think of himself as part of the church, since that would have made him part of the Bride.

Covenant and Testament are equivalent terms, being translated from the same Greek word. The gospels agree that the Lord’s first mention of the New Covenant (New Testament) was on the night He celebrated Passover with His disciples (Matt. 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20).