More Origin Of Evil Follow Up


Thank you for writing such excellent articles! They’re very informative and I always enjoy them. Your last article was of special interest to me because I have often wondered where evil came from? God surely wouldn’t create such a thing? does this mean that if Satan chose to do wrong that evil was created by God? and if the angels are given a choice then why are they not included in salvation?


Angels, like mankind, were created with intellect, eternal life, and free will. This includes Satan. He was created as the model of perfection but chose to activate his potential for evil. Obviously, if God had not given him that potential he couldn’t have activated it. But it was Satan’s choice to bring evil into the world, not God’s.

The Bible, being written for mankind, does not address salvation for angels. It tells us that some angels have remained faithful to God and others have not. Those who’ve been unfaithful are currently imprisoned, and there is a place of judgment prepared for them. But that’s really all we know about the subject.