How Much Of The Bible Is Prophecy?


You’ve written that the Bible is 25-30% prophecy. What are you including in that percent? All prophetic books? I’m asking because isn’t only about 10% of the prophecy predicting the future and the rest more everyday matters of keeping the covenant and the moral problems we face?


When you include the parts of the Bible that were prophecy when they were first written but have subsequently been fulfilled (such as the prophecies of the Babylonian captivity, the Lord’s first coming, and the destruction of Jerusalem) with the parts that were prophecy when they were first written and have not been fulfilled yet (such as the prophecies of the end times judgments, the Lord’s second coming, and the millennium) most experts agree with the 25-30% estimate I used. Some even place it higher.

The value of studying prophecies that have already been fulfilled is that they validate God’s promise that prophecies of events still in our future will also be fulfilled. They also confirm that He is who He claims to be; the One who knows the end from the beginning.