Muslim Rule In The End Times


I have, for the most part, believed that the Revived Roman Empire would be the seventh world power of Rev 17:9-10, but for the past few years I have been looking at the Ottoman Empire as the seventh empire to rule the world. Since its defeat in the first World War, and although the name “Ottoman” seems to have completely “died” out, the remnant (if it can be so called) has existed in “Islam” and with all of its factions. What is the possibility that in fact the eighth King could be a Revived Islamic Empire, especially considering the current world news and Turkey’s ascent in the peace-making process and its so-called “Gateway” between the East and West, remembering that Rome had two legs, one on the East (Constantinople) and one on the West (Rome)?

I would like to get your thoughts on this World Empire and the current Islamic Revolution (expansion) while considering if possible Rev. 2: and 3: “The letters to the seven Churches. More specifically since all the Churches to my understanding were in Asia Minor (Present-day-Turkey) and it seems that the seat of Satan was/is in Turkey, see for example, the church in Smyrna, and the church in Pergamos. What is the possibility that the Antichrist might come from Turkey instead of Rome? (not that it really matters where he comes from since I believe we won’t be here when he comes on the scene)


Since the Ottoman Empire was made up of countries that had previously been part of the Roman Empire, there’s no conflict there. And all that’s said about the anti-Christ is that he comes from the Roman Empire, not from the City of Rome. With all the current talk of radical Islam, and with al Mahdi, the so-called Muslim Messiah, looking suspiciously like the anti-Christ I think your view certainly merits a closer look. But from the context of Rev. 17:11 it seems to me like the eighth king has to be the anti-Christ, not another kingdom.