My Grace Is Sufficient, Follow Up


I have been reading your updated article on healing. I hope I am mistaken in my interpretation of what you are stating with regards to healing.

The reason, I say this is that My wife and I lost our precious son (Joshua) to leukemia on August 3, 2005. He was thirteen years old. Joshua was born again and loved the Lord. our former church and pastor’s anointed Joshua with oil, prayed and fasted with him, in addition to having other Church’s affiliated with the Church do the same. Along with Our entire family and Josh.

Unfortunately, after all this including a bone marrow transplant chemo and radiation therapies, among other treatments, he went home to be with Jesus. So are you saying that none of us including Joshua, had enough faith to have the Lord heal him? Or am I missing something? Although, I know he is with the Lord, and we will see him again, we miss him terribly. We have heard all the Christian Comments, primarily from people who have never experienced burying their child. So I am very interested in all articles concerning healing. Hopefully, you will see fit to respond.


My heart goes out to you. I haven’t personally lost a child, but as a pastor have been involved in tragedies like yours several times.

What I’ve been trying to say is this. After over a decade of study on healing it seems to me that while Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and while He said that anyone with faith would do the things He did (John 14:12) the results we’re experiencing in the Western Church are far different than those experienced in Biblical times. Over and over again, as people were being healed, Jesus attributed it to their faith. A logical mind can only conclude that something has changed and since it’s not Him, that leaves only us.

Rather than take this personally, which was never my intent, look around you and count the times when you’ve personally witnessed someone being healed. If you’re like most people you won’t know of very many, maybe not any. So it’s not you, it’s us, and that’s my point.

For reasons of His own, God has chosen to do His work on Earth through man. Somewhere along the way there’s been a disconnect, and while I work to find it I am trying to sound the alarm, hoping others will join me in the search.

I lack the resources to examine them personally, but I’ve received reports from people I trust indicating that in some parts of the world, faith healing and other miraculous works are much more common than in the West. It has to be us. We’ve had things so good for so long that even collectively we lack faith the size of a mustard seed. Otherwise the Bible is wrong.