My Wife Doesn’t Want The Rapture To Come


Thank you for the continuation of your site! I have a problem. My wife has recently gotten mad at me for reading about end times prophecy. She feels that she doesn’t want the rapture to happen because it would take away the life that we have just started together. She also does not seek out information on Jesus or what it means to be a Christian. What should I/can I do? I don’t know what I can do to console her. Is it right to assume that the rapture will happen in the next five years?


Like most Christians, it sounds like your wife has been taught a secular world view. That means she has been encouraged to build a happy, successful life here and to want all the nice things this world has to offer. She probably doesn’t know much about our eternal destiny and how much better it will be. Maybe she hadn’t even thought about it until you came along. If so, she may view the Rapture as something that will deprive her of all the things she’s been taught to want.

What you can do is to teach her about the good things that are coming. And remember, in doing so you’re going to be changing her entire outlook on life, so take your time and be patient. It is right to assume that the Rapture will happen soon, because it could happen at any moment.