Near Death Experiences


I’ve been reading accounts on a number of near death experiences and would like to ask: 1. Do you personally believe that such experiences are actual “visits” to heaven or hell? 2. Don’t you think they’d all have the same elements if they were real? (It seems that stories of alien abductions have more similarities than some of these alleged near death experiences.) I find a disturbing lack of consistency and some things that I simply cannot accept as either Godly or Biblical. Some accounts are outright blasphemous. Please give me your take on this issue. I’m very grateful for your help, and for this wonderful site.


I’m very skeptical of the so-called near death experiences. I just don’t believe that the Lord makes conditional decisions about ending our lives. I also see too many who aren’t believers talk about how beautiful their experience was, and others that make the Lord out to be heartless and even cruel.

The great tragedy is that some people will use the accounts of these experiences to justify putting off their decision for Christ until it’s too late, thinking they’ll get another chance.