A Day Or A Season?


As soon as the Fig Tree’s twigs start to get tender, the day in Matthew 24:32-51 and Mark 13:28-36 is at the very doors. If the fig Tree is the nation of Israel, how can its twigs just start to get tender at the day of the second coming? The Fig Tree will be decimated in the second half of the tribulation. Closer to the end of the tribulation, in Daniel 12:7 the power of the holy people will be finally broken. How can it’s twigs just start to be getting tender? Is it not a better fit that this time is where the blindness of Israel is going to start to be removed?


These passages do not describe just the actual day of the Lord’s return, but the time leading up to it as well.

Remember, Jesus was comparing that time to the  season of the year, not to a single day.  When the fig trees get leaves you know that summer is near. Just so, when the signs He was describing appear you know that the end of the age is near.

He said the people who are alive to see the beginning of these things would still be alive when all is fulfilled.

By the way, I don’t believe the fig tree represents Israel in this passage.  The fig tree is one of the last to get its leaves in the spring, so when it does you know summer is very near.  The same will be true when they begin to see the signs.  It it means the end of the age is very near.

Also, In Luke 21:29 Jesus made reference to all the trees, not just the fig tree, signifying a general event, not just one for Israel.