No More Sea


My question comes from Revelation 21 and 22. I’m wondering if something has been lost in translation. Rev. 21:1 says “. . . there was no longer any sea.”, the earth having been restored. Rev. 22, drawing on Ezekiel and Zechariah, indicates the River of Life flowing to the Mediterranean in the west and Dead Sea in the east. Would you please help me understand how the sea is gone yet seems to exist during the Millennium?


I believe Rev. 21:1 refers to the vast oceans on Planet Earth. At the time of the Great Flood the mountains were raised up and the valleys lowered to form the ocean beds that contained the flood waters. When the Earth is restored at the time of the 2nd Coming this will be reversed. The Book of Revelation talks about the islands and mountains disappearing (Rev. 16:20). I think the water from the oceans will be taken back up into the atmosphere to restore the water vapor canopy that protected Earth from harmful rays in the days before the flood (Genesis 1:6-8) and permitted the long life spans recorded in the Book of Genesis. This canopy collapsed during the flood and fell to earth as rain (Genesis 7:11).