No Peace After The Rapture?


Re: Seven Things Part 1. With all due respect, your order of end times event just can’t be correct. I don’t see how the Rapture can occur prior to the Battle of Ezekiel because scripture clearly states that Israel will be living in peace and security and without walls! The Rapture will foster anything BUT peace and security for anyone in the whole world so how then will Israel find itself peaceful for this battle to subsequently occur? It seems to me that Psalm 83 may just provide the cloak of protection Israel needs to be able to let down it’s guard, followed at some point by the Battle of Ezekiel when Israel is living peacefully. The Rapture may happen on the heels of this battle but I don’t see how the Rapture can occur first. There will be no peace after the Rapture.


I gave sound Biblical reasons for my view and you responded with your perception of how things will be after the rapture, something about which the Bible says nothing. I agree that Psalm 83 will probably create the conditions necessary for Israel to let down its guard, but Daniel (Daniel 8:25) Paul (1Thes. 5:3) and John (Rev. 6:2-4) all indicate a time of peace following the anti-Christ’s appearance at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week. For reasons I cited, God will use Ezekiel’s Battle to bring Israel into that last 7 years and the Church has to be gone before it can begin.