No Smokers In The Rapture?


I just want to clear something up! In the article “will smokers miss the rapture” your saying that smokers will be part of the rapture? Aren’t we supposed to be led by the spirit of God and have the Spirit of God within us in order to be raptured? So then how does this work?

If a person is addicted to something eg. smokes, that means that he/she can’t control themselves (in this area), which makes me believe that they’re being controlled by something else. It can not be the Holy Spirit (because the Holy Spirit doesn’t encourage you to do things that will hurt your body or the place where He dwells). This means that he/she must be controlled by a bad spirit that is trying to keep him/her hooked to something that belongs to the world and not to God. You can’t associate smokers with church. I can’t see the Bride smoking! If this is true then wouldn’t you say that the smoker might be endangered to miss the rapture?

Wouldn’t it be better to say that he should get a lot of help in prayer so that God may give him the strength to get rid of the addiction. so that the Holy Spirit can be in full control of him? When you give your life to God, shouldn’t He be in control of it? This may require some sacrifices from us eg. what we do, what we say, how we dress etc, where we go etc. Am I wrong?


We’re saved by what we believe, not by how we behave. And no, that’s not a license to sin. But we act in a way that pleases God to thank Him for saving us, not to earn a seat on the rapture bus. If God held our sins against us, no one would be raptured, including you and I.

You don’t know anything about this person’s problems, and yet you’ve made a judgment that the Lord commanded you not to make.(1 Cor 4:5) If you think an inability to quit smoking should keep this person out of the rapture, are you also saying that your disobedience should disqualify you?