Not All Environmentalists Are Pagans!


I just recently discovered your website. You have helped me to really understand Bible prophecy. I have very much enjoyed reading your articles, until I came to “The Watchman.” I have been a Christian my whole life, but I am also a staunch animal rights activist and environmentalist and was very insulted when I read your comment about “pagan environmentalists.” How dare you make a sweeping generalization of this nature! There are many people like me who are concerned for the environment and all of its inhabitants and are also Christians.

Why is it “pagan” to be an animal rights activist and environmentalist? Do you really think that God approves of the way that humans have treated the land and the animals that he gave us? Were we not told to be the stewards of the animals? I love all of God’s creatures, and I am no more pagan than you are. I will continue to fight for animals and the environment until the Rapture happens, or I die. You might want to refrain from making generalizations like that, you could actually lose some people to whom you are ministering — isn’t that also what racists do?!!!


I guess I really hit a hot button with you. Here’s what the “Watchman” article said. “Lately pagan environmentalists are being joined by re-constructionist Church leaders in an effort to fight global warming.” The statement was made in the context of the doctrine of inclusivism in the Church. The group of Christian leaders I was referring to are members of the Evangelical Climate Initiative. While they repudiate all forms of Creation Worship, they have accepted financial support in the form of grants from environmentally conscious foundations either associated with or friendly toward a pagan world view.

The statement was neither meant to label all environmentalists as pagan nor all evangelicals as advocates of the Evangelical Climate Initiative (Many prominent Evangelicals are not). It was meant to question the appropriateness of an association combining Christian leaders and pagan environmentalists. “Don’t be yoked with unbelievers,” Paul warned. “What fellowship can light have with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14) I’m sorry that you saw it differently.