Not Interested In Revelation


I’m not all that interested in Revelation beyond the letters to the seven churches. As I plan to be on the first bus to heaven (Rapture), I’ve never felt the rest of the book really applied to me! Am I wrong? Everyone at my church gets pretty excited and worked up over the Book of Revelation, but I just don’t feel it. Is there something wrong with my spiritual condition for feeling this way?


The fact is that the Church will not be on Earth for most of the Book of Revelation, so only the beginning and the end really pertain to us. However the Lord promises a blessing to those who read, hear, and take to heart the things written therein (Rev. 1:3). This means He wants us to understand it anyway.

I think the reason for this is so we can be more knowledgeable about the signs it gives as indicators that the end of the age is approaching. Prophecy is meant to galvanize us into action. The more we know about it the more energized our faith will become, and the more urgency we’ll feel to be a witness to His work in our life.

Your lack of interest has so far disqualified you from the blessing the Lord promised to those who read, hear, and take to heart the things the book of Revelation says. I would suggest asking the Lord to help you develop a greater interest in the book so you can receive the blessing He promised you.