Not Sure About The Rapture Any More


I grew up being taught the rapture. I don’t feel so sure about it now. Jesus tells the parable one will be in the field, the other gone and so on. He also tells the parable of the wheat and the tares. The tares were taken before the wheat. If the rapture is true, then the people suffering in other countries, why can’t they be raptured out? Why are we any better that we don’t have to suffer but they do? I believe ALL will be tried. What do you think of this?


The verse about one taken and the other left is from Matt 24:40. If you’ll look at verse 37 just before it, you’ll see that verse 40 pertains to the 2nd Coming, not the Rapture. Same with the parable of the wheat and the tares, which is explained in Matt. 13:37-43. Verse 39 says it takes place at the harvest at the end of the age when angels weed out the bad and throw them into the fire before taking the good into the Kingdom. In the Rapture the good are taken out and the bad are left in place. This parable teaches us that the Great Tribulation will take place before the Millennium.

When the Rapture comes, every believer from everywhere in the world will be taken at the same time, not just some from some places but none from others. You and I and everyone in the Church have already been tried and found guilty. But because we agreed to let Jesus pay the penalty for our sins, God now considers us to be innocent. We can’t be tried again. The law of double jeopardy protects us.