Not Until 2050?


I have a question about something you wrote in Sunday’s Q&A (re Christians leaving the Church). At the end of the response, you included this sentence: “Finally, I believe as you do that the year 2050 will probably find us somewhere in the early stages of the Millennium.”

Please – Can you expound on this? It caught my eye and interest. I am hoping we’ll be taken well before 2050!


My comment was not meant to imply we will have to wait until 2050 for the Church to be taken. I simply agreed with the questioner that we’ll probably be in the early stages of the Millennium by then.

Allowing for Daniel’s 70th Week to run its course, the beginning of the Millennium is still 7 years away at the very least, and it’s already 2015. So the earliest possible date for the Millennium to begin is around 2022. Since it’s 1,000 years long, the year 2050 would be well within its early stages. And as I’ve repeatedly said, the rapture of the church could happen any day now. Sorry for the confusion.