O You Of Little Faith, Follow Up


I read your writings at Rapture Ready and I love them. Your passion for the coming of our Lord is wonderful. Like you I keep my eyes heavenward at all times and I am eager to see Him face to face.

I am writing in response to your article today regarding faith and healing.

As a person who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was but two years old, I can tell you that faith in Christ’s desire to heal is not always met with the results we would like. I have been praying and thanking God for my healing since 1993. And I am but one of many thousands of believers who believe God wants to see us well and who have not been giving the answer we are so hungry for.

I suggest you spend a bit more time listening to people like us and revisiting the idea before suggesting that the only reason someone is sick is because of their lack of faith. Need I remind you that all anyone needs is faith the size of a mustard seed?


Your story is a heart breaking one and unfortunately all too common. But you missed the point of my article which was to comment on the difference between the apparent faith of the first generation of believers and that of our generation. When in Mark 6 we’re told that “all” the Lord could do was to heal a few people because of their lack of faith, and then we look around us and see that legitimate healing by faith is extremely rare in our time, it’s amazing. Something that was a minor miracle then is now considered out of reach for most people. For example, how many people do you know who’ve been healed by faith alone?

And yet there’s no Biblical basis for saying that God has ever made a decision not to heal most of us, and certainly His powers haven’t become weaker over time. His promises are clear and undeniable, so the problem must lie with us. Maybe it’s because back then there was no alternative health care. People were either healed by faith or not at all, whereas today “modern medicine” is our preferred method for healing.

In short I was making an observation on the general state of things, not pointing to any specific case or person, and certainly not to you. I will pray for your total and complete healing.