Obeying Our Leaders


I very much appreciate your ministry. My question is regarding Hebrews 13:17. Who are those that have the rule over us? Would that be the pastor of our congregation or would that also include deacons and elders and associate ministers? How about ministers and leaders of other congregations? Since there is only one church, do they also rule over us? How does this verse relate to 1 Tim. 2:5? With apostasy in the church appearing everywhere, the answer is important.


Most people interpret the leaders mentioned in Hebrews 13:17 to be those personally responsible for our Spiritual growth and development. This would include everyone with whom we have direct interaction in Biblical matters, our pastors and teachers. With the increasing apostasy, it’s incumbent upon every true believer to align ourselves with leaders who adhere to the tenets of Biblical Christianity.

1 Timothy 2:5 refers to Jesus, the only mediator between us and God to whom everyone in the Church is responsible, leader and follower alike.