Old Earth Young Civilization


I was channel-surfing last night, and began to watch ( a well known christian TV personality). All these years, he’s said that the earth is young, and that the evolutionists had it all wrong. Now, he says that earth is thirteen billion years old, and that there was another creation, of man. It is my belief that (he) has gone around the bend. What are your thoughts?


Although I don’t write about it much, I’m one of those old earth, young civilization types. I too believe Earth was populated before Adam, but not by humans. Adam was the first man. And I don’t believe the dinosaurs came from those earlier times either. Their fossils are from the Great Flood.

I believe Earth was one of Satan’s home planets before he rebelled. It was inhabited by angelic beings and was made desolate when he was judged. I base this belief on 3 things.

1) The literal translation of Genesis 1:2 is “but the Earth became formless and void”, not “and the earth was ….”.

2) In Isaiah 45:18 the Lord said He didn’t create it that way, but formed it to be inhabited. This implies a pre-Adamic judgment.

3) in Jeremiah 4:23 I believe there’s a reference to this judgment. Interestingly, the 3 passages all use the same Hebrew words to describe the destruction and that’s the only time in the whole Bible those words appear together.

I believe the creation story begins about 6000 years ago in Genesis 1:3 after a period of desolation whose duration is unknown but could have been millions of years long.