Olivet Discourse Parables, Follow Up


Regarding the Understanding the Olivet Parables Part 2 I have a question: Under the 10 virgins – you used a phrase “let their faith lapse” Did you mean they had once had faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior? And, I guess I was wrong in thinking the after the Rapture the Holy Spirit would be withdrawn? If time permits would appreciate your clarification.


Once we’re raptured we will have received our inheritance and will no longer need the guarantee the Holy Spirit now provides us. So it’s more accurate to say that the Holy spirit will revert to His Old Testament ministry, where He was with people, or came upon them, but never indwelt them as He does the Church. There will be many saved during the Tribulation, all of them prompted by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. But as th eparable of th e10 virgins illustrates, He’ll never be sealed within them, so they’ll be responsible for keeping themselves saved. Tragically, some will fail.