Omnipotent God?


Recently I came across an atheist website that argued against God by saying an omnipotent God is impossible. Their line of reasoning went something like this:

If God were truly omnipotent in an absolute and unlimited sense, then God could be capable of both existing and not existing at the same time, meaning that every form of theism and every form of atheism would be equally justified at all times simultaneously. Such a God could be capable of informing humans of certain requirements for attaining heaven and avoiding hell but actually holding to entirely different requirements without ever actually lying.

I have seen numerous explanations by theologians to this argument. However, I have come to the following conclusion, theologians who say it is impossible for God to do anything that it is logically impossible to do are wrong because quite frankly God transcends logic. The only reason we know anything at all about the loving creator is because he is merciful enough to reveal himself to us through his word. What is your take on this argument by atheists and by my answer?


First of all, listening to an atheist’s opinions about God is like listening to a blind person’s opinions about color. They contain nothing of the person’s experience with the subject. How can you discuss the characteristics of someone whose existence you deny?

Second, God’s actions are limited by His character. When you make a list of His character traits (like loving, just, merciful, righteous, truthful, etc.) you’ve begun to define his limits because he has to be true to Himself. He can’t do anything that’s out of character. Then you have to realize that none of God’s actions can meet some of His character requirements at the expense of others. For example He can’t express His love at the expense of His righteousness. That’s why He had to die for our sins before He could save us from them.

And now you’ve come to God’s greatest limitation. He can’t force you to accept His offer of pardon. That’s something only you can do.