On Line Forums


I am a member of an online forum. Since the election there are some who have posted their fears of Mr. Obama and you can guess how they have been attacked. I would like for you to show me how you would answer someone who has taken scripture (it is clear they do not understand what they are using) and twisted it’s meaning.


I have found that news groups, forums, etc, are some of the most damaging sites for any Christian to be involved with. That’s why I don’t have one on this site and why I don’t belong to any. In the name of free speech, people with no background or experience post some of the most outrageous things imaginable as if they’re the truth. I’m not arguing against free speech, but the problem with these forums is that for those without spiritual discernment they’re viewed as credible sources for gaining Biblical understanding, which gives others a chance to act like they’re experts when they’re not.

The writer you’ve quoted to me is to be pitied as someone who is so devoid of any understanding of Scripture as to be embarrassing, and yet he posted his rant as if he was offering a great insight. You can’t discuss, persuade, debate, argue, or manipulate anyone into faith, because as 1 Cor. 2:14 says, the person with out the Spirit can’t comprehend Spiritual things. They are foolishness to him. The best thing, the only thing, you can do is ignore him and begin praying that the Lord will reveal Himself to him and bring him some understanding before it’s too late. Responding won’t change his mind. It will just give him another chance to spout off.