OSAS And Backsliders


People who don’t believe in OSAS describe those who were once saved but have fallen away from the faith as being back sliders. From the perspective of OSAS, is there any such thing as a back slider? If so, how would you describe it?


From the OSAS perspective we’re all back sliders. None of us has maintained the pure child like belief we once had. None of us still has an unshakable faith in miracles. We don’t dissolve into tears the moment worship starts anymore, and we don’t show up a half hour ahead of time for church because we just can’t wait to get there. We all spend a lot more time worrying about our jobs and our financial situation on Earth than we do about our treasure in Heaven. We all sin more often and more seriously than we did at the start. And we all take the Lord a lot more for granted than we used to. We call it being more mature in our faith but the truth is that we’re really just back sliders.