OSAS and Living for Jesus


I know I am saved by grace through faith and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I know my citizenship is in heaven and I am living for Jesus from heaven to earth (Colossians 3:3-4). I just feel like I have to be careful not to indulge in sin or drift away so I will “stay saved”, or stay a new creation in Christ or make sure that my spirit, soul and body is sanctified. It is this constant fear of going to hell that bombards me if I choose to live in sin or walk in the flesh (which I strive to live in the spirit). I want to live for Jesus since I am his son and I want to please him and serve him, but I feel like this issue of OSAS and Losing Salvation gets in the way of living for Jesus. I am so focused on that instead of living for Jesus and serving him because I do not want to find out that I can lose my salvation and it will be too late. I know there are scriptures on eternal security for the church age but I just do not want to be wrong since I have noticed about 95% of the church teaches you have to stay saved (and I get tired of arguing with them about it).


Your problem is that you’re listening to what people tell you the bible says instead of actually knowing what it says. If you had clear knowledge of the bible’s position on OSAS, you wouldn’t bother arguing about it because you would be persuaded beyond all doubt. My advice, if you want to resolve this once and for all, is to stop listening to other people and really do an in depth study on what the bible really says. Here’s the link to my free ebook that will help you:

ebook:OSAS Anthology

But don’t take my word for it either. Use the book as a study guide. Go to the references I’ve cited there and find them and read them straight out of your bible. You’ll find that the clearest and most direct verses in the New Testament show that OSAS is the bible’s only position on our security.

Once you know what OSAS really means, you’ll be even more grateful for what He’s done for you and even more enthusiastic about showing your gratitude for what He has done by living for Him.