OSAS and Rev. 2-3


I had a question about your article on once saved always saved. You make some great points, but I’m confused because of the letters Jesus had John write to the 7 churches in Revelation. Over and over he tells them to repent or suffer some kind of punishment. Yet, they were saved…they were part of His church. How can this be?


The seven letters were all written to local congregations, five of which were experiencing doctrinal problems. (All those problems have their modern counterparts, by the way.) Today you’ll find some individuals who are saved and some who are not in almost every congregation, and it was no different then. While most of letters contain criticisms of the congregation, and even warnings of judgment, every letter contains a promise to the individuals within the congregation who remain faithful. The point is, it’s not congregations who are saved, it’s individuals. To begin a complete study on the Seven Letters of Rev. 2-3 click here.