OSAS And Romans 11


Thank you so much for your website and ministry to the Lord. It is definitely a blessing from God.

I believe once saved, always saved, and I’ve read your comments concerning the same. I think you do a wonderful job explaining OSAS in them.

The one thing that came to my mind when reading them though, and I didn’t see any comments on, but maybe I just missed it, was how Romans 11:17-24 plays into OSAS, if at all. Could and would you please shed some light on this for me?


The point of Romans 11:17-24 is belief by faith. The Jews relied on their heritage and their works to win God’s favor. Neither is acceptable and they were like dead branches, broken off from the root. Gentiles are grafted in by faith and sustained by the root.

But if a Gentile tries to be grafted in because he thinks he’s replaced the Jews, or because of his good works, he’ll be broken off just like the Jews were. Conversely, if a Jew comes by faith he can be grafted in again. Salvation can only be achieved through faith in the Lord’s completed work, whether we’re Jew or Gentile.