Our Economic Downfall


In your “Seven Major Prophetic Signs of the Second Coming” article, you say you believe that unless something happens to fracture Evangelicals as a voting block, we will keep America strong and independent until the Rapture.

Does that mean you don’t think America will suffer a financial collapse before the Rapture? Since end-time scriptures don’t mention America, and with our national finances in such a precarious position, I have wondered if a financial collapse (maybe sooner rather than later) could be the reason.

Thank you for using your God-given gift to bless us on a daily basis.


The thrust of my statement was political, meaning that evangelical voters, being politically conservative, would keep the government from subordinating our sovereignty to the UN or other world body, and would be in favor of maintaining a strong military presence. There is a growing likelihood that our downfall, when it comes, will be caused by economic factors, this being the area in which we’re most vulnerable. That’s why many view Iran’s and Russia’s attempt to break the US dollar monopoly in the oil industry as potentially our greatest threat.

Barring some unforseen tragedy, it would probably take several years for America to be truly side lined financially. Since no one knows just how close we are to the Rapture, we could still be here when it happens.