Our Role In Eternity


I’ve got a question, probably unanswerable, about our roles in eternity. My understanding is that believers will be assisting the Lord in governing in, what…earth, New Jerusalem? But, at that time, won’t everything be perfect? Who and what are we supposed to govern? How can you fix something that isn’t broken? I’m told our roles are kings and priests, but again, kings over what/who and what does a priest do?


The Bible doesn’t say anything about our life in eternity. During the Millennium, we’ll help govern in a way that isn’t specified, but life on Earth will not be perfect. Beginning in a state bordering on utopia, things will soon deteriorate as more and more children of tribulation survivors begin rejecting God and living lives of rebellion. Within a couple of generations, this downward spiral will become noticeable and eventually, life on Earth will be no better than it is today. When Satan is released at the end of his 1000 year imprisonment he’ll have no trouble recruiting a vast army for his final (unsuccessful) attempt to recapture planet Earth. Having been written for the Age of Man, this is where the Bible ends. Its only mention of eternity is to say that there is one.