Out Of Fellowship


Once we have received salvation we are attuned to the Spirit of God. What happens to our spirit when we back slide? I know we are permanently sealed and even the gates of hell cannot undo our salvation, nor can we ourselves undo our salvation. I know during our periods of back sliding we are out of fellowship with Christ and open doors for curses and receive no blessings during this time. What I want to know is, our spirit, are we still attuned to the Spirit of God while we are out of fellowship?


As long as we’re in fellowship with God our spirit communicates with Him through His Spirit. Whether due to unconfessed sin or rebellion or simply the desire to be independent, whenever we assert our will above His it puts us out of fellowship. This interrupts our communication and until we confess and are restored to fellowship, our spirit will not be attuned to the spirit of God. We’ll be on our own. The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) is an example of this. He never stopped being his father’s son, but for the time he was away there was neither communication nor blessing from his father. As soon as he returned and sought forgiveness, all was restored as if he’d never been gone.