Outline Of Genesis


In another Q&A  you stated, ” The confusion comes from the fact that Genesis 1 is God’s account of the Creation and Chapter 2 is Adam’s account based on what God had told him. How do you know that Chapter 2 is Adam’s account?


The book of Genesis is actually a compilation of the stories of 10 men and their Creator. Our Lord tells His story in Genesis chapter 1 through 2:3 and after that each story begins with the phrase “These are the generations of … ” or “This is the account of …”

Adam’s story begins at Genesis 2:4 and continues through chapter 5 and explains why the creation account of chapter 2 differs slightly from that of chapter 1.

Noah’s story is told in chapters 5 through 9, with the account of his sons Ham Shem and Japeth in 10 and part of 11.

Shem’s story continues, beginning in 11:10 and ending in 11:26.

Terah’s story covers 11:27 through 25:11 and is really the life of his son Abraham.

Ishamel’s story requires only 7 verses, 25:12 through 25:18, whereas Isaac’s story begins in 25:19 and continues through the end of chapter 35. Much of Isaac’s story describes the life of Jacob.

Isaac’s oldest son, Jacob’s twin Esau, gets one chapter, 36, and then the rest of Genesis has Jacob telling the story of his 12 sons with Joseph in the starring role.

Moses put all these accounts together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit when he wrote the first 5 books of the Bible.