Overcomers And the Rapture. Follow Up


Re: Overcomers And the Rapture. A brother supported his “overcomer” belief with Phil.3:10-11; that the resurrection Paul spoke of here would be that of “elite” Christians. Reason being, the apostle used a specific word there (exanastasis). After reading on this for a little while, I personally believe Paul was referring to the Rapture – that he wanted to experience being taken up with the Church.


To place Phil 3:10-11 in its proper context you have to start at the beginning of chapter 3. After becoming a “Hebrew of Hebrews” which made him a member of the “elite” among his people he discovered that what he formerly thought was to his profit he now considered loss. He traded it for the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus, for whose sake he lost everything.

Through his faith he gained the righteousness that comes from God. This is the opposite of being an “elite” Christian because the same righteousness is available to every believer.

Also, the Greek word “exanastasis” simply means “a rising up” and is translated “resurrection”. It’s not meant to imply an elevated or elite status because every born again believer from the Church Age who dies before the rapture will receive the same resurrection and be taken up with the living believers at the rapture (1 Thes. 4:16-17).