Overlook The Differences Or Leave?


Thank you for speaking the Truth every day. My pastor believes that most (if not all) end times prophecy was fulfilled by 70AD. He’s a great preacher, and preaches the Word each week. Because of our very different beliefs about prophecy, I cannot talk to him about prophecy. In addition, I’m afraid that his (incorrect) interpretation will spill over into what my children are taught…which is opposite of what I teach them. We chose this church because he doesn’t preach feel good messages, but rather sin and repentance. Should we find another church that lines up with our eschatological beliefs, or just agree to disagree? Your opinion is greatly valued!!


There’s a fundamental issue here that needs to be addressed. In order to adopt this view of the End Times your pastor had to reject a literal interpretation of the Bible. So the question is what else has he re-interpreted, and can you over look that too? For myself, I made the decision long ago never to listen to a teacher or preacher who doesn’t interpret the Bible literally. With a literal interpretation you can usually count on certain rules being followed, but with a non-literal interpretation there are no rules, so you have to double check everything the person says.