Paint Over It Or Not?


A former attendee of our church painted a nice mural on the wall. Later it was known that she is involved in the occult and during the time of the painting was in an adulterous relationship. There is a faction in our church that has asked the elders to have the mural painted over and have offered to do it but the elders have refused. They say it is just a picture and that when we demonstrate forgiveness Satan never wins. Can there be any satanic power attached to it and is there any biblical teaching to support its removal?


Forgiveness does not require you to keep the mural in place. And assuming it’s not an idolatrous or blasphemous work I don’t think it could have any occult powers either.

So the only issue is the desire of the people involved. If it upsets some people in the congregation to have it there and if they’ve offered to paint over it, why not let them?

Paul said we’re not to put any obstacle or stumbling block in a brother’s way, but to make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification (Romans 14:13 & 19).