The Parable Of The Sower


You may have answered this before, but would you explain the parable of the Sower, in relation to OSAS?


The parable of the Sower in Matt. 13:3-9 represents the Lord sowing the Gospel into the world. The four kinds of soil on which the seed falls represent four kinds of people. Jesus explained the four kinds in Matt. 13:18-23.

The first kind of soil is the hard-packed path. It represents people with hardened hearts that don’t allow the Gospel to penetrate their hearts. The birds, who represent the enemy, eat it up before it can take root. These people will not be saved. In 2 Thes. 2:9-10 Paul said they will perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

The second kind is rocky soil. It represents people who initially accept the Gospel intellectually, but like the first group, it never penetrates their hearts. These people will soon fall away. They are not saved.

The third kind is covered in thorns, which choke out the seed making it unfruitful. Since salvation is not a fruit-bearing event, these people are saved. But because of their preoccupation with the things of this world they never accomplish anything of value for the Kingdom. Most born-again Christians in the US today fall into this category.

The fourth kind is good soil. These people are both saved and fruitful.

Where OSAS is concerned the first two groups were never saved, and the second two are forever saved. (Remember we’re saved because of what we believe not because of how we behave.)

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