Passover Blessings?


I understand from (a well known prosperity teacher’s) website that there are 7 blessings of Passover. Do you have any detailed article on this subject?


There are 4 cups of wine that the Jews drink during Passover. Each one represents a blessing from Exodus 6:6-7.

There is neither Biblical justification for connecting the 7 blessings of Exodus 23 to Passover nor for assuming that they are meant for us today. The Lord was advising the Israelites that he would provide supernatural guidance and protection for them as they went into the Promised Land.

Basically, this person is promising that everyone who sends her a generous offering at Passover will receive blessings the Lord promised to the Israelites in the wilderness. But Exodus 23 mentions neither Passover nor offerings. It’s a blatant ploy to get money from Biblically uninformed people by promising blessings that God never intended for the givers.

This woman’s income exceeds a reasonable person’s needs by a huge margin, and why she thinks she has to resort to such tactics is beyond me.