Are Pastors Allowed To Retire?


How does a Pastor retire from the service of God? I can find no scripture to support this action. And from what I do see, It looks like all leaders of the old and new testament died in service to God. Even Paul was sick and God used him in his sickness. I just don’t get it. My Pastor was an anointed teacher of God and he stepped down this way. And I guess it still bothers me.


In Old Testament times the term of service for a priest was set by God as being from age 25 to age 50. After age 50 they could still assist but were no longer allowed to perform primary functions (Numbers 8:24-26).

Many older pastors assume this position today becoming a “pastor emeritus”. Others follow the traditions of society, retiring at the same age as their secular counterparts. And some, like myself, expect to be in service until the Lord tells us our services are no longer required.

I can see that you really admired your pastor and are disappointed that he has retired, but there’s no Biblical rule that requires pastors to work until they no longer can.