Paying The Abortion Tax


Thank you for everything that you do for all of us out here in the world! Your site is a blessing to all of us! I do have a question about something that I have never had to even think about before. With the new healthcare plan, the Obama administration will take a monthly tax fee out of our checks to pay for abortions, how do we handle this situation with GOD? I am at a loss here.


This hasn’t become law yet, and there will likely be more changes before it does. But no matter what happens remember this. The Bible tells us to obey our leaders and pay our taxes (Romans 13:1-7), giving to Caesar that which is Caesars (Matt. 22:21). Certainly both Jesus and Paul knew that governments are corrupt and leaders are disrespectful to God and disobedient where His laws are concerned. You can rest assured they will be held accountable for their behavior including how they use the money raised through taxes. But by obeying God’s word, we will not be condemned.